Help for the Hopeless Homemaker Online Course

Do you struggle to maintain a good handle on your home as a homemaker?

There's hope for you!

This 11-part, self-paced video eCourse will guide you through the first steps of taking control of your home for God's glory. The simple principles and daily habits taught in this course will lay a foundation for lasting change in your life and home.

"This course is an answer from God. I was crying on my pillow one night feeling lost and pouring out my heart to God praying for help to be a good wife, mom and housemaker. I was desperate, I felt overwelmed but ready and willing to be a good helper to my husband. I just needed practical help. I can' t believe how effective this course has been for me and my family. It's incredible to see how small changes and willingness to improve can impact my home, my family and myself." 

Naldy P.

What This Course Has to Offer

In Help for the Hopeless Homemaker, you will learn three foundational principles to live by, implement three simple daily habits, and complete three essential types of projects around your home.


You'll get immediate access to all course materials.


Each day, watch a short, engaging and to the point 3-5 minute video.


Read the corresponding workbook section and complete related activities.


Put what you've learned into action and experience the sweet feeling of satisfaction.

I really appreciate Katie's clear and consistent call to simple homemaking. And this is never more clear than in Help for the Hopeless Homemaker. I love how she starts with Scripture and then gives small, easy steps for managing my home better. I will definitely be going through this course again to better establishing these routines and habits throughout my days. Loved this course so much!

Jami Balmet, Young Wife's Guide

Why I Wrote Help for the Hopeless Homemaker

When I became a full-time homemaker five years ago, I couldn't have imagined how unnatural I would be in this role! Since that time, I have made painstaking and determined efforts to grow. Through trial and error, progress and set-backs, I've figured out what works. Now, I want you to experience the same breakthroughs I have.  

This won't be a quick-fix. In fact, it'll require plenty of hard work and self-discipline. However, with a little guidance, I am confident you can achieve the feeling of success in homemaking you may be lacking, despite the busyness of life.

Let me teach you what I've learned. Let me help you gain control of your home for God's glory TODAY.

This Course Is For You If:

  • you feel like you're playing perpetual catch up
  • you clean your kitchen only to prepare the next meal
  • you dread company popping over unannounced
  • you don't understand how others make running a home look natural and doable
  • your work within your home is disorganized or dependent on your mood
  • you know you could do better if only you knew how to get there

"Help for the Hopeless Homemaker is a fantastic course! Katie's teachings made me look at my homemaking in a new light and has really changed the way I take care of my home. I love how she incorporates scripture memorization to remind us that everything we do, including our homemaking, is for God's glory. My homemaking habits have improved since taking this course and I no longer feel the burden of a dirty home hanging over my head."

Leah Stuhler, Secrets of Mommyhood

"'Help for the Hopeless Homemaker' spoke to me right from the title. So many days, I feel hopeless in my homemaking. I know like everything else, homemaking is a skill, and more than many things, is also an act of intentional service for my family. Walking with Katie out of her own experiences in homemaking made me feel like I had someone teaching me this skill for the first time. I'm thankful for her desire to encourage other women in this way and I'm really excited to see a change in my homemaking!"

Leah Heffner, Life Around the Coffee Cup

A Glimpse Inside The Course

In this course you will:

  • Memorize and lean on Scripture to gain vision for diligence in homemaking and grow to better understand the Biblical call to run our homes well.
  • Learn how to create a self-sustaining habit and adopt three simple, sequential daily habits to transform how your home is run.
  • Learn the importance of rest in the God-ordained rhythm of working and resting.
  • Gain a basic handle on your home that will lay a foundation for you to become the homemaker you've always wanted to be.

"As a recovering 'hopeless homemaker,' I am so thankful for courses like these that encourage small steps towards change. The course is self paced so there's no pressure of 'falling behind.' Katie has included helpful scriptures, checklists, and thoughtful reflection questions to aid in the journey. Now I'm off to go make my bed..."

Angela St. Cyril, Setting My Intention

Why wait? Join me today!


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You can order the Help for the Hopeless Homemaker course risk-free right now. Then watch the videos, read the workbook, complete the challenges, and enjoy the results for a full 30 days.

If at the end of 30 days, you're unsatisfied for any reason please email us for a full, prompt, and cheerful refund. No questions asked!

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